What does it take to be a volunteer with Telford Sailability?

  • Can you spare a few hours on either a Monday or a Friday at any time between April and the end of September
  • You don’t need to know how to sail, as we can teach you
  • You don’t even need to go on the water if you don’t want to
  • If you don’t want to, or cannot come to the lake there are other jobs that need doing
  • There are always maintenance jobs that need doing


What would you get out of helping Telford Sailability?

  • We can teach you how to sail and rig the dinghies if you don’t know
  • You could do you powerboat level 2 course, and help on the safety boat
  • Take a first aid course
  • Take a food and hygiene course
  • Learn how the outboards engines work
  • But most important of all, see what it means to enable someone with care needs fulfil a dream and sail, with the biggest smile. Priceless

Some of our Volunteers, what they do and why they help

This is Tim on the front of the safety boat. He as been helping out now for a few years. Last year he took the powerboat course. He would rather be in that than a sailing boat

This is Noah and Alfie. Due to covid they couldn’t do what they had planned for this year, so were able to help out with sailability and also have some fun.

Glyn in his mask, be another great bonus for this year, hopefully will be back again next year. 

This is Dominic his sailing did improve through the season, ha. Also a great help fixing things.

The only photo I have of Heidi, she was the one taking most those wonderful pictures on here. Helped kitting our sailors out, meeting and greeting. 

This was John, he was ex-navy. Retired for a number of years and thought his sailing days were over. He sailed twice a week when he could, through the summer months but also like being down the lake meeting others. He also became our treasurer on the committee.

Unfortunately on 21st February 2017 John passed away, and will be sadly missed by all at Telford Sailability



Hi my name is Nancy.  My favourite thing (after eating other people’s lunch) is to go very fast in the safety boat.  My dad laughs at my ears flapping in the wind but I don’t care!  I love it when the sailing boats need towing away from the bank because it gives me an excuse to pretend to be a figurehead.  I love to fetch sticks out of the water if people are kind enough to throw them for me.

Hi, my name is Hamish.  I love to welcome the sailors when they come down to the lake.  I get lots of cuddles and tummy tickles.  I like to go in the sailing boats if I am invited but most people seem to like sailing on their own – I can’t think why as I’m so affectionate when I’m soaking wet!  My sister and I usually sit in our beds in the back of dad’s car until people are happy for us to be running about.